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Thank you Exterminatus Now.

About seven years ago, we started Exterminatus Now. Well when I say we, I mean East, Silv, and Virus did. I jumped on at the last second after a hilariously failed attempt at sprite comics. Since then it's grown to a quasi-known entity on the net and has helped me develop my writing skills a little

However, about eight months to a year after the start of the comic, a friend of Virus' asked if she could use EN as a basis for an animation project, so he gave her all our contact information so we could talk to each other.

On September 3rd, 2010, seven years after EN started, I married that friend.

So I would just like to thank you, the fans, for being liking the comic enough for it to get noticed by a beautiful Puerto Rican American to want to do some flash animations for school, and especially to Virus for introducing me to Raye.

Thank you.


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